Our Company

Aircon Off has created a completely unique range of retrofittable quality products that help to control the misuse and overuse of air conditioning. We offer cost effective solutions that will significantly reduce running costs whilst protecting the amenity provided to clients, staff and guests.

Aircon Off is a wholly Australian owned company.

Aircon Off Pty Ltd
GPO Box 1499
Brisbane. Qld. 4000

 Our Background

Power use and associated energy saving strategies now form an essential part of any organisation’s management plan. With ever increasing power costs, this is becoming even more important to the profitability of businesses.

Aircon Off was created to develop and market a range of very specific energy saving products for air conditioning. We provide a cost effective solution that combats energy wastage, reduces wear and tear and the maintenance costs associated with air conditioning abuse.

 Mission Statement

Our aim is to help our customers significantly lower air conditioning energy consumption, maintenance costs and the associated carbon footprint, by providing excellent customer service, sound advice and the most cost effective solutions.