Smart Remote PRO. Worlds Most Advanced AC Remote. Packed with features to give you unprecedented control over how users can operate your AC

Commercial Power Saving AC Remote. Maximum Savings

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The PRO is our top of the range Energy Saving universal remote. You can set & lock your own preferred min and max temperature limits. The PRO also has our unique PLACEBO Effect and advanced tamper proofing. Guaranteed compatible with any AC unit

The Smart Remote PRO is  the most advanced Power Saving AC Remote in the World

Energy Saving

Reduces your Power Costs. Helps turn any air conditioner into an Energy Saving Aircon                            

Easy Sync With Any AC

One minute set up. Guaranteed Compatible or your money back                                                                       


Owner Settings secured with unique access code lock                                                                  


Set and lock your Min & Max Temperature Ranges to prevent Uneconomic settings                                                                         

Smart Features

Unique Smart Features like Placebo Effect™ means users are not aware of master control         

Money Saving

Each degree saved reduces running costs by up to 10%                                                              

Designed to achieve significant energy savings in commercial environments:



Every Air Conditioner Should Have One


  • The Smart Remote PRO will replace any existing AC remote
  • The Smart Remote Pro gives you unprecedented control over what temperatures users can access. By preventing users setting your air conditoners too hot or too cold, this will significantly reduce power consumption (by up to 10% per degree) and also lower maintenance costs and extend asset life
  • Features the latest Smart Technology

Best For:  All Commercial Scenarios. Where AC is overused. Savings are guaranteed and wiith the unique Placebo effect™ guests don’t even know the air conditioner usage is being optimised. 

Benefits: Highest Specification Smart Remote. Optimised energy saving with easy set up. Separate, adjustable, min and max settings for Heat and Cool, plus Placebo Effect™. Advanced Tamperproofing,   Secure Batteries, Two Optional Timers


How a Smart Remote Works

The Smart Remote PRO has been specifically designed to reduce energy costs by lowering the workload of the AC compressor.

Many users, using a standard remote turn on the A C and scroll down the temperature setting to its lowest possible setting i.e. 16 – 17° C, or when heating turn it up its maximum setting of 30° C.

This results in high electricity running costs, and puts an unnecessary strain on the equipment.

The Smart Remote PRO features programmable min and max temperatures so you can have even more control and actually set the minimum and maximum temperatures that users can access when they operate the air conditioner. It comes preset at 21-30° for Cooling and 17-23° for heating but these settings are fully adjustable during set up

Restricting the temperature range of an airconditioner significantly reduces operating costs as well as reducing general wear and tear and maintenance issues. According to the Australian government savings can be between 5-10% per degree. The Smart Remote Pro also has the unique Placebo Effect. 

Placebo Effect Explained

The Placebo Effect is a unique program feature that ensures that the user believes the air conditioner is operating without restrictions on its operating temperature range.

For example: If you program the minimum temperature of the Cool range to an economic 23 degrees and set the Placebo Effect to 5. A user will find that the remote will appear to allow selection of temperatures as low as 18 degrees.

With corresponding beeps from the AC as the remote scrolls lower.

However at all times the Smart Remote Pro will actually be keeping the AC operating no lower than the owner preset minimum of 23°. The effect of this is to maintain economic comfort levels and facilitate power savings without generating negative user feedback.


Guaranteed Compatible with your AC. 

The Smart Remote PRO is compatible with 99.99% of air conditioning units worldwide and comes with 2000 preset codes for 15,000+ Australian & International brands & models. 

We guarantee that it will be compatible with your existing air conditioner or we give you your money back*. This and other features make it a unique cost saving device that will quickly pay for itself.


Technical Specifications
Controllable distance : Greater than 8 meters
Power supply voltage: DC 3 V
Battery model: Battery 2 x AAA (UM-4 , R03)
Dimension: L 165mm x W55mm x D25mm
Weight: Approx100g (excl. Batteries)

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