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Aircon Off is ideal for any situation where air conditioning is left running in unoccupied rooms, unnecessarily increasing running costs, maintenance costs and wear and tear.
Aircon Off is specifically designed to reduce energy wastage by automatically turning off air conditioning in rooms left empty.

Aircon Off will sense when the air conditioner is running and scan the room to check that it is occupied. When no occupancy has been detected for a pre-set time (adjustable between 15, 30, 45 60 minutes) a signal will be transmitted to the air conditioner to switch it off. 
Aircon Off will not automatically switch the air conditioner “On” when someone reeneters a room. If a user wants the AC turned on they use a remote control as normal.
Aircon Off uses passive infra red technology and smart software to scan the air conditioned room for occupancy. If the room is left empty then after a pre-set time, Aircon Off will automatically switch the AC off by sending an IR signal that emulates the ‘Off’ signal of the AC remote. Thus ensuring that the AC shuts down correctly each and every time.. Aircon Off also has other unique functions to customise the operating settings to precisely suit each application, including Day/Night settings to prevent accidental switch off’s when occupants are asleep.

The AC-14 model also has additional features including wireless door and window sensors which can be set to turn of the AC if a monitorewd door or window is left open for more than 3 minutes.

Yes. All Aircon Off models have variable settings to suit all types of rooms and all types of situations including bedrooms. 

Aircon Off has three Night/Day setting options that can be selected: 24 HOUR mode, this means Aircon Off will operate 24 hours day and night. And is suitable for areas that are not occupied at night where the air conditioner can be left running when the room is empty. This would include most locations apart from bedrooms. COMFORT PLUS mode, This is the setting for bedrooms that still need to be controlled at night, such as those in certain holiday houses or units. With this setting when Aircon Off detects darkness it automatically resets the time delay to one hour. During this time (in darkness only) if Aircon Off detects no movement in one hour it will turn off the air conditioner.The third option is NIGHT SETTING mode, This is the normal bedroom setting. During hours of darkness Aircon Off will not switch the AC off even if no movement is detected. (No accidental switch off's with sleeping occupants).



The AC-14 has additional features and can be set to work in conjunction with the D/W sensor to determine the occupancy of the room.  For example, if a person enters the room and closes the door behind them, provided Aircon Off detects their movement within 5 minutes it will be deemed that the room is occupied. Consequently the AC will be allowed to run for the duration, regardless of any further movement being detected. When the person exits the room and closes the door behind him, if no movement is detected in the room within 5 minutes, the room is now deemed as unoccupied and the AC will be switched "Off". If at any time the door is left open for more than 3 minutes the AC will be switched "Off".

Note: All doors that can be used to enter and exit the room must have a D/W sensor fitted to them.
There are many benefits to this option. For example this option allows someone to sleep during daylight hours with the AC running.  Yet when the room is deemed as unoccupied, the AC is switched off after only 5 minutes.

No. Aircon Off is not a circuit breaker switch or relay. Aircon Off is classified as a Passive device.
Some switches simply turn off the mains power to the air conditioning and this can be very harmful. However because the Aircon Off uses an infra red signal to communicate the “OFF” command to your air conditioner it ensures that the AC goes through its normal correct shut down protocal/procedure. This ensures that no harm whatsoever is done to the air conditioner and that the warranties are protected.

Aircon Off is straight forward to install and set up. Because the AC units are 240 volts they must be installed either an air conditioning technician or an electrician. The DC-12 battery unit can be installed by anyone. Typically it takes between 20 and 40 minutes to install and set up an Aircon Off Sensor Controller. Please call us or watch our installation videos or email or call us for more information

All models are surface mounted and are installed without any building works. The Aircon Off DC -12 is battery operated so it needs no wires whatsoever. The Aircon Off AC12 and AC14 units receive their power from a single connection to the air conditioner head unit. As the AC units are normally mounted next to the air conditioner head unit, this is a very simple process. Please watch our installation videos for more information.

Batteries should be changed with high quality alkaline batteries every 3 to 4 years and we suggest that they are included as part of the smoke alarm maintenance schedule.

Aircon Off is designed to cover a 6-10 metre radius so will operate effectively even in large rooms. The mains powered AC12 and AC14 units are slightly more powerful and more sensitive than the battery powered DC-12. The AC14 also has the optional accessory of an Auxiliary PIR Sensor. The Auxiliary PIR is able to monitor areas of a room which are not covered by the onboard Sensor in the main unit, such as very large rooms or  'L' shaped rooms.

No, Aircon Off remembers its settings and simply carries on functioning as normal once power is restored.

Any room that has an individual air conditioning unit. Including holiday units, hotel bedrooms, holiday rental properties and houses , commercial buildings and individual offices, staff and student accommodation meeting rooms, domestic houses and home offices etc. Installing an Aircon Off will save energy and therefore money.

Aircon Off is designed to work on all air conditioners that can be controlled with an infra-red remote control.

Most air conditioners have an infra-red receiver fitted so that they can be controlled with a hand held remote. If the air conditioner is controlled by a wall control pad nut is not fitted with an infra-red receiver then Aircon Off is not compatible.

Each air conditioner head unit needs its own Aircon Off.

Aircon Off has a 12 month full replacement warranty. Please see the warranty page for full details.

Please use our Aircon Off  Energy Savings Calculator to estimate your savings. With a typical air conditioner costing over 60 cents and hour to run it won't take long to pay for itself if you stop cooling and heating empty rooms!!

For every kilowatt of of electricity used up to 1.4kg of Carbon Dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere in the process of generating that power. So a 2 kilowatt air conditioner can contribute over 2 kgs of Carbon Dioxide for every hour it is running. Because they are the largest energy consumer in most buildings, cutting down on air conditioner use makes a large difference to any carbon footprint.  

An air conditioner running on mains power contributes to carbon emissions and increases your carbon footprint. It does so relation to the amount of energy it uses. Up to 1.4kg of carbon dioxide for every kilowatt used. (Carbon Dioxide amounts vary depending on what type of power station generates the power).

Experts reccommend that for maximum comfort, the temperature of rooms should be 23-25°C in summer and 20-21°C in winter. Additional heating or cooling results in energy wastage. By raising the temperature setting on your air conditioner by just one degree, you can drop your power use by up to 10 per cent.  We recommend that you also use the Aircon Off Smart Remote to optimise the running temperature of your air conditioning.


Energy Saving Universal Air Conditioning Smart Remote Controls

That depends on your requirements.
However they compliment each other perfectly and together they help to fully optimise your air conditioning and minimize your costs.
The Smart Remote saves power by preventing the air conditioning being run too hot or too cold, whereas the Aircon Off automatically turns off the air conditioner when a room is left empty. Once installed both products will continue to save you money day after day, month after month.  

The Aircon Off Smart Remotes are high quality tamper-proof universal energy saving air conditioning remotes that are designed to replace your existing remote. They automatically prevent your airconditioning from wasting power. They are reasonably priced, easy to use and look great.

Smart Remotes are designed to simply replace your existing air conditioner remote. They save power by preventing the air conditioner being run too hot or too cold. The Aircon Off Smart Remotes are high tech but are all extremely simple for users to operate.

Although it is recommended that air conditioning is run at no lower than a comfortable 23° -25° for cooling and no higher than 20° or 21° for heating. Users normally run AC at much lower or higher temperatures than this. When air conditioning is run at extreme cold or hot temperatures, there is higher power consumption (of up to 40%) and an increased risk of breakdown. 

Actual savings are obviously dependant on how much electricity the  air conditioner actually uses and what temperature the air conditioning is normally running at. The Smart Remote will start working for you as soon as you use it. Savings on wear and tear and maintenance are difficult to estimate, but with the cost of repairs or replacement being so expensive avoiding a single repair or extending the operating life of the air conditioner is a major saving.

By preventing operation at very cold or very hot temperatures the Smart Remote will help to prevent the airconditioner overworking and this will decrease general wear and tear and extend the working life.

The Smart Remotes are all compatible with 99.99% of air conditioning units worldwide and comes with 2000 preset codes for 15,000+ Australian & International brands & models. We guarantee that it will be compatible with your air conditioner or we give you your money back*.

Normally yes. During set up your air conditioner is paired to the Smart Remote, meaning that it is locked onto that particular make and model.  The Smart Remote can be moved to other air conditioners but if they are a different make or model this would require that you repeat the set up procedure each time.

Yes. If you ever want to use your existing remote it will still work normally. (Although it wont save you any electricity!) Most people just keep the original remote as a spare.