Save up to 80% off air conditioning costs

Easiest energy-saving smart controllers for split system air conditioners

Smart Remote Controls

Save up to 30% off AC power bills

Stay in control - stop your air conditioners blowing too hot or too cold, blowing your energy costs through the roof.

Smart Remotes

Energy-Saving Senors

Save up to 50% off AC power bills

Automatically turn off the AC when the rooms are empty or the doors and windows are left open. Set custom Day/Night modes.

Occupancy Sensors

Combined Value Packs

Save up to 80% off AC power bills

Drastically Reduce AC energy bills & maintenance costs with our Combined Smart Remote & Occupancy Sensor Value Packs

Value Packs

National Energy Performance Strategy

All our products are perfectly aligned with the Australian Government’s National Energy Performance Strategy which highlights the need to:

  • Improve energy efficiency in buildings: Aircon Off products significantly reduce energy usage, helping to lower costs.
  • Upgrade energy performance: Transform any split system into a highly efficient unit.
  • Enhance air conditioner performance: Prevent unnecessary heating and cooling, thereby improving overall energy efficiency.

Include Aircon Off products in your heating & cooling systems to help comply with all energy efficiency standards.

Aircon Off Product Features

Smart Remote PRO

Energy Saving

Reduces your Power Costs. Helps turn any air conditioner into an Energy Saving Aircon

Easy Sync With Any AC

One minute set up. Guaranteed Compatible or your money back


Owner Settings secured with unique access code lock


Set and lock your Min & Max Temperature Ranges to prevent Uneconomic setting

Smart Features

Unique Smart Features like Placebo Effect™ means users are not aware of master control         

Money Saving

Each degree saved reduces running costs by up to 10%

Smart Occupancy Sensors

Smart Remote Pro

Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Motion Smart Sensor Technology


In Empty Rooms Aircon Off turns off the AC unit after a preset time.


Owner Settings secured with unique access code lock

Fully Adaptable

Set Independent Night and Day settings

Smart Features

Can detect motion, open doors and windows

Easy Installation

Multiple set up options to suite all room types.

Easy to fit. Easy to set. Easy to Use.



Compatible With All Air Conditioners Including: