AC14 Advanced Sensor + Smart Remote Pro. Value Pack.

Advanced Occupancy Sensor and Smart Remote Pro

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Aircon Off AC-14 Advanced has multiple energy saving options.The AC will switch off if a room is left empty or if a monitored door or window is left open for more than 3 minutes. Pack includes a Smart Remote Pro to completely optimise the energy savings

Extremely cost effective, the Aircon Off AC-14 Advanced Occupancy Sensor Controller and customer friendly Smart Remote Pro energy saving remote will achieve very substantial savings on your air-conditioning, without affecting user comfort.


Smart Remote Pro

The World's Most Advanced
Power Saving Universal AC Remote





Aircon Off AC-12 Smart Occupancy Sensor Controller

Turns Off The Air
When No One's There



Energy Saving

Reduces your Power Costs. Helps turn any air conditioner into an Energy Saving Aircon                            

Easy Sync With Any AC

One minute set up. Guaranteed Compatible or your money back                                                                       


Owner Settings secured with unique access code lock                                                                  


Set and lock your Min & Max Temperature Ranges to prevent Uneconomic settings                     

Smart Features

Unique Smart Features like Placebo Effect™ means users are not aware of master control         

Money Saving

Each degree saved - reduces running costs by up to 10%                                                            


Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Motion Smart Sensor Technology                                                                          


In Empty Rooms Aircon Off turns off the AC unit after a preset time.                                


Owner Settings secured with unique access code lock                                                                  

Fully Adjustable

Set Independent Night and Day settings                                                                                        

Smart Features

Detects motion as well as open doors and windows.                                                                            

Easy Installation

240v reliability. “Fit and Forget” set up with multiple options to suit any room type.                    


Buy The AC-14 Value Pack
And Start Saving





In most scenarios the bulk of overall power usage is due to air conditioning usage and a great deal of that power (often well over 50%) is wasted cooling empty rooms or running the AC at uneconomic temperatures, (too hot or too cold)

Aircon Off devices prevent uneconomic operation of the air conditioner (Smart Remote Pro) and to automatically turn off the AC in rooms left empty and also turn off the AC if a monitored door or window is left open for more than 3 minutes(AC14).

Because the AC14 is mains powered, (via a simple connection to the AC head unit) under Australian law these units must be connected by either a qualified air conditioning technician or an electrician. Typically it takes between 30 and 40 minutes to install and set up an AC14 unit.

Aircon Off Occupancy Sensor Controllers and Smart Remotes are designed to operate independently of each other, and can be installed separately, but are normally installed together to create a complete energy saving solution that will minimise power wastage without affecting essential comfort.

Easy to install and set up, the combined products will immediately cut your air-conditioning power costs and reduce maintenance issues. These are tried, tested and proven and are currently saving money for 1000's of clients every year, Australia wide.

All products are passive (meaning they have no negative impact on the air conditioning and do not interfere with any warranty) and are designed to be fitted to any split system air conditioning unit that operates by hand held remote control.

Built in safeguards and night settings for undisturbed sleep ensure maximum savings with no complaints.

For more detailed information please refer to the specific product pages. 


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